Home Design Trends for Fall 2013

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design3Talking about modern home décor, nothing could be considered wrong because everything is ‘in’ these days. You can find a completely contemporary house, those with a bit of antique’s touch, or one having a blend of both modern and conventional décor themes. Experimental interior designers bring forth some exquisite ideas that homeowners appreciate too.

You can scroll through websites like HOUZZ for decoration ideas or skim through countless magazines (for that matter), and you will find a wide range of home decoration and design trends for Fall 2013. Here are a few of the latest trends:

High-End Material for a Sleek Look

Acrylic is found to be quite elegant, smooth, and chic. An ordinary room can be transformed into a lavish space by installing equipment and furniture made of acrylic. The material is commonly used in manufacturing bedside lamps, coffee tables, and furniture legs. Even trendier would be when combined with chrome and brass. Though acrylic looks best in modern décor, it jells well with traditional décor too.

Lines, Shapes, and Patterns

While chevron stripes dominated interior designing for a long period, it’s now time for honeycomb patterns and other such shapes to set new trends. You can spread contemporary vibes in your home through honeycomb patterned flooring and walls. You can also find such patterns in bedding and accessories.

Finishes that Make a Difference

Gold and brass finishes remained outdated for a few years but are now back in trend. These set a traditional luxurious tone in home décor. When applied on polished wooden furniture, gold/brass finish can over-shadow other accessories in the house. Homeowners prefer it in order to add style and elegance in furniture and to improve the overall ambiance of the space.

Shells are Back in Trend

It wouldn’t be surprising if you too recall the late 1970’s thinking of shells being a part of home décor. Indeed they were used that long ago. However, capiz and Abalone shells are now again in trend and produce an amazingly natural tone in a given space. When decorated with wooden pieces of furniture, shells create a rustic look, whereas combination of glass and shells is truly urban.

Floral Patterns and Shades in Trend

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that floral prints are always in trend. No matter if you go for fresh floral prints, bold and bright shades, or pastel colors, it’ll all be called trendy this fall. Gray is particularly in trend these days.

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