Fairmont Custom Homes works as a partner with our clients to turn dreams into reality. With the utmost integrity, we are guided by honesty and what is right for our clients in every decision we make. We are committed to excellence in everything that we do, and strive to continually improve the homebuilding experience for all involved.

Fairmont Custom Homes provides collaborative communication, design-build, and a unique opportunity for the customer to participate in the co-creation of their dream home. Fairmont can customize to your home site and your personal needs as well as assist with any design-build concepts. Committed to bringing the highest quality service and a better homebuilding experience at a fair, competitive price, Fairmont Custom Homes shares your dream and makes it your reality. Our success lies in our unrivaled customer service, our detailed planning, and our dedication to communication and quality. Unlike our competition, we will offer better hands on experience with quality construction and design.

Our business philosophy is to provide the highest quality of service and better homebuilding experience to our customers at a fair and competitive price. We will also provide a workplace with great potential for creative and financial growth for all team members.

We are best able to encapsulate our values and standards in the acronym E.Q.U.I.P.T., which collectively constitutes our approach to homebuilding:

Endure: To create an enduring environment that weathers the process of custom home building.

Quality: To never bend or cut corners on quality. In the end, imagination, creative energy, commitment, and unsurpassed quality are what we are all about.

Understanding: Understand that we are the professionals and our customers need our professional guidance.

Integrity: To always work with the greatest integrity. Integrity is not just what you say, but what you do. It goes far beyond simple honesty, though that is at its heart. It encompasses the integrity of our employees, the integrity of each design, and in the end, the integrity of the home itself.

Pride: To never lose the intense personal pride and passion we feel in our work.

Team: To build a team around outstanding people…people with great heart, people who love what they do, people with a burning desire to be the best at what they do.

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