360 Degree Design Trend

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360 homeHave you ever viewed your house from the side or the back? Do those old sidings spoil the appearance of your house and what about that back wall where the paint has been chipped off? We spoke with a reputed architect who stated that every homeowner should critically evaluate the back and the sides of their homes; in other words gain a 360 degree view.  In fact, the architect went on to say that this 360 degree view was slowly becoming a trend.

The architect that we interviewed has experience of 26 years in the home designing industry. He has been involved in the construction of both single and multi family homes. He told us that currently everyone, including builders, designers and buyers, seem to focus only on the front of the house and the interior design. No one gives much importance to the back and the sides. Hopefully this trend will now change because people are showing an interest in a community that has been designed better in every aspect.

There are many communities who are working and encouraging the development of localities that are sustainable, walkable and appropriate for the masses. Though they have many goals, an important one of these is properly designed homes that appear attractive from all angles. This is where the 360 degree architecture comes into play.

The architect shared with us that designing standards are now being modified. For instance, the garage location has changed.  Moreover, the siding is also affixed on the entire wall, instead of just half of it. The architect went on to add that as of right now his firm is utilizing the new design guidelines only for higher priced homes. He was hopeful that this will soon change and the new policies will be followed for all homes, no matter what the price.

So what about existing homes? Can the 360 degree design be applied to them as well? Yes, if you have the budget to redo your home. Even if you do not, there are still ways with which you can achieve a better look for your home. The architect stated that a pent roof could be built on one side and the siding material could be made the same on all sides.

If you have any questions about the 360 degree design, talk to any reputed architect and they will guide you.

Source: www.realestate.msn.com

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