Holiday Décor for Your Home

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The holidays are quickly approaching – time to spruce up your home, wash the windows, polish the silver, and locate your china.  Holidays are filled with bountiful festivities and family gatherings.  It is a time to showcase your home. Company’s coming!

According to the National Retail Federation, American consumers are expected to spend large sums of money on the holiday season and the numbers do not even factor in for the investment pieces such as lawn decorations and artificial Christmas trees – items purchased and used in future years.

Resist the temptation to just go out and buy a whole new set of decorations when you already have plenty to decorate with in one way or another. Take inventory of the decorations you own, including lights, baubles, and crafting pieces, so you have an accurate idea of what you really need to purchase this season.

Sparkle is a holiday essential.   Tiny white lights add depth add dimension. Decorative wreaths and ornaments adorn the insides of homes and the outside shrubs. Cool colors: Blue lighting is still in for 2012. It’s cool and modern against a snowy backdrop, and colors beyond the traditional red and green are always unexpected and classy.  Natural garlands – beautiful and timeless add finishing touches to almost any home.

From the inflatable lawn decorations to the Christmas tree decorations, most Americans don’t hesitate to splurge for the holiday season.  There are, however, some money saving ideas that can reduce the chunk that comes out of your bank account at this time each year. LED lighting: It saves electricity and reduces the risk of electrical dangers, especially for outdoor lighting. LED technology is improving every day to look more like incandescent bulbs.

Purchase outdoor decorations in November. Most stores will start marking down outdoor decorations as early as November, and prices won’t typically drop lower than that until the post-Christmas sales. If you’re in the market for that inflatable snowman, wreaths, and light-up reindeer, be sure to hit the sales right around Thanksgiving for the best deals. If you are purchasing a lot of decorations for several parties this season, hand-making decorations that require lots of small accents or pieces to put together, or need themed party ware, shop party stores online and buy in bulk. Even an online marketplace like or auction sites like eBay can be good places to search for specific items at lower prices. You might be able to save on shipping costs by purchasing multiple items from the same seller and can scoop up everything you need in one step.

There’s no doubt that the holidays are near.  Time to feel the spirit and start your holiday engines roaring.  Lights, cameras, and plenty of action.

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