A House Can Sell Anytime

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Conventional wisdom says that spring and summer are the best seasons for selling a home since people typically want to be moved and settled into their new space so that they can enjoy the summer months. However, for anyone looking to sell their home, it’s important to remember that sales don’t come to a standstill during the colder seasons. In fact, there are plenty of people looking to buy in the fall, including first-time buyers, people relocating for a job and even empty nesters.

This offers a unique opportunity for sellers to help their homes stand out. For the fall, this means raking leaves, with a focus on keeping them off driveways and walkways. And don’t neglect your lawn just because it’s fall. Grass grows in the fall, so take the time to keep your lawn well-manicured.

It’s also important to use the weather to your advantage. If it’s a nice day, open the windows to let the fresh air in, so long as the air doesn’t make your house too cold. Also, open curtains and blinds to let in the sunshine and the picturesque fall foliage.

In addition, make sure your heating system is in excellent working condition. If it’s cold outside, you want the inside of your home to be warm in order to create a cozy, welcoming feeling. Keeping the heat on and being able to say the system works well can be a huge selling point.

If you’re listing your home this fall, don’t be afraid to get in the holiday spirit. But don’t overdo it. The addition of a few subtle Halloween and Thanksgiving decorations can have guests envisioning themselves spending the holidays in your home. Consider decorating with subtle fall pumpkins of various colors and sizes.

You may also want to add a special touch by baking. The smell of a warm pie during the fall, or even cookies throughout the holiday season, go a long way toward creating a nice, homey touch. Just make sure your kitchen is perfectly cleaned and organized; don’t put yourself in a situation where you’re baking or cleaning while people visit.

If you’re thinking of selling during the winter, be sure the photos of your house used in listings were taken in the spring or summer. The last thing you want is for online real estate sites to showcase your house covered in snow and ice.

And last but not least, maintaining your home is key. During the fall season, make sure there are no leaves or wet shoes in the hallway or foyer. As winter approaches, be cognizant of keeping the entrance dry and free of snow boots.

A house can sell at any time, during any season, so stay positive and use the beauty of fall and winter to your advantage.

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