Analyzing Your Moving Costs

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money home2About to make the move into your new home? Well, there are costs associated, but you can manage them with these tips. All you have to do is act like the pros. There are two main factors to consider: one is time and the other is weight.


If you hire a moving company, you would be charged on an hourly basis. If you are moving within the same region, the company would consider the distance between your old place and the new one. They would estimate the total travel time and the time it would take them to load and unload your belongings.

There is often a minimum amount, and the moving company would charge you this much even if the evaluated time is short. Depending on your area and the chosen company, the rates can be as low as $80. In urbanized regions, they can be significantly higher than this.


If you are moving to another state, you would be charged by weight. The moving company analyzes the total weight of the items you want to take with you and then provides you with a written approximate. On moving day, when all your items have been boarded onto the truck, the exact weight is determined again. If the weight is greater, you will probably have to pay a higher amount.

Most moving companies use a formula to determine the total cost with the rates. If you want, you can even use a moving calculator to find out.


No matter whether you are relocating nearby or faraway, you need to compare rates offered by different companies. Take quotes from three to four reputable companies and go for the lowest rate. Inquire if you would have to pay extra charges for fuel, packing supplies or anything else.

DIY Moving

If you are planning to move on your own, then also you should estimate the costs beforehand.

  • Transportation: You should rent out a truck so that it is easy for you to shift your belongings. You will have to pay the rent along with the amount of gas. If there is anything that your policy does not cover, that will also have to be paid. In case the trip is long, you might have to pay for lodging and food.
  • Packing Supplies: Boxes, tapes, scissors, bubble wrap and many other items are required to pack up your things. Try to buy these from a wholesale market so that you can get lower prices.

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