Bathroom Remodeling: What’s New for 2014?

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bath spaPlanning to remodel your bathroom? Have you thought of an idea? We interviewed some of the best home designers in the country, and here is what they suggested.

Design it like a spa

Want to relax after a tiring day? What are the perfect places where you can do this and escape from the worries of life? Hotels and spas. Why not have one in your own home? You can have a spa right in your own bathroom. If you have the budget, not to mention the space, you can get everything from the market that you need like hot tubs and steam showers. In fact, studies claim that every year, bathroom like spas are growing by 10%. As people realize the advantages, they are all implementing it in their homes.

Make the walls come alive

Why not add some life in your bathroom? We have come across bathrooms in which plants are grown over the walls to achieve a fresh and vibrant look. The overall appearance is stunning. The only problem is that you will have to water the plants, but if you implement an automatic watering system, it will take care of the task.

Install a walk in shower

Want a shower that is extremely spacious and luxurious? The open walk-in shower is the one for you then. And if you have the budget, you may even want to customize the shower as per your wishes.

Bring the seashore in your bathroom

So many people love the beach and decide to reflect the impact in their own bathroom. There are many seaside accessories available in the market such as rocks and shells, which will help you achieve the look.  Browse the stores and decorate your bathroom with them.

Mosaic patterns look stunning… and are trendy

Do you like bold and bright designs, fancy colorful patterns or like them to be of one or two shades? Decorate one wall of your bathroom with mosaic patterns and you will love the resulting look. And the best part is these patterns look incredible no matter what sort of accessories you invest in.

Be green

Natural materials are being used a lot in home designing lately. Choose from wood, stone or slate; there are many earthy materials out there that will appeal to your taste.

So did you like any of the ideas that we presented? Use some or all of them and we are sure you will love your new bathroom.


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