Become a Homeowner Before You Become a Bridegroom

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bridegroomSo your big day is not that far away. Must be exciting, is it not? Planning out everything with your partner and making preparations together. However, before your big day looms closer, act on our advice, and become a homeowner before you walk down the aisle. You are already engaged, and it will be only a matter of time before you get married. You can buy a home after, but the right time is now.  Later on, it might not be that ideal. Once you settle down, and start a family, your finances are going to increase, so get this expense crossed off the list now, if you ever want to become a homeowner.

Here are the main reasons why becoming a homeowner before marriage is a good idea.


You may not have any debts but what if your spouse is burdened with them? Trust us; this alone is a good enough reason to buying a homeowner before you marry. Assume that your to-be spouse has many items on her credit that range from credit cards to an auto loan. Now when you apply for a mortgage, even if it is just in your name, your spouse’s debts are going to act against you and would lower your ability for loan qualification. If you succeed in getting a loan, your rate might not be as good as the one you can get right now.

Credit Score

You have always maintained a high credit score, so you think there is no chance that you would ever be refused a loan. Wrong. As good as your score is what if your spouse’s score is not that impressive? Once again, this will act against you because lenders use the lower score for married couples. We are pretty sure you need not be told the effect this can have on your mortgage application.


The laws require mortgage companies to source all cash deposits that are made into a bank account if they are beyond the general income source. This might not be true for you, but can you say the same with this much surety when it comes to your partner? If your spouse cannot source the deposits, you are not going to get the loan.

We hope you now realize why getting a home before getting married is important. So contact an agent and a lender, and buy your home.


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