Crafting Fulshear’s Finest Homes

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Fairmont Custom Homes – Building the future of Fulshear

By: Jaclyn Ritter – original article in Fulshear Magazine


It is often said that if a couple can survive building a house together, they can survive

anything. Building a home can be stressful. There are so many decisions to be made, and

communication is key – communication between each other and communication with the

builder. No one understands this better than Michael Pelletier and Robert Cox.


Fulshear families who have had the pleasure of working with this dynamic duo are the

first to say that their home building experience was nothing like the horror stories often told.

They are very happy customers.


Fairmont Custom Homes are distinctive, innovative, and trendsetting. As a member of

the Southern Living Custom Builder Program, Michael and Robert understand quality

craftmanship and exemplify a southern flair that is a refreshing break from the expected.


Meet the Dynamic Duo


Michael and Robert hit it off right away with their mutual love and appreciation for

quality construction. The two combined have almost 60 years of experience in the business.

Michael grew up framing houses and working on various construction crews, while continuing

his studies in college. Robert grew up helping his father in the custom granite and marble



“Robert gave me my first job out of college,” says Michael. “He graduated a year before

me and was already working for a builder. He opened that first door for me. In fact, he is the

reason I moved to Houston.”


Michael runs the front part of the job, managing sales, marketing, estimating, and

interacting with appraisers, bankers, and clients. The job is then handed over to Robert, who

makes the vision come to life.


While the two have their areas of expertise, they are known to cross paths more often

than not. “Mike won’t tell you this, but he enjoys doing my job as well,” smiles Robert. “And

he is good at it!” Michael has a passion for the creative side of the business. This becomes

apparent if you are lucky enough to go on a tour of one of his homes with him. As we walked

through his model home in Fulshear Run during our interview, Michael beamed with pride as

he showed off the beautiful barrel ceiling in the entryway, the star-worthy laid out master

closets, and the collapsible doors that allow the living room to sprawl directly into the backyard

oasis. “I see a lot of opportunities in structures,” says Michael. Knowing this about him, Robert

often encourages Michael to join him in the field, forcing him to get out of the office and utilize

his creative juices.


Robert, on the other hand, is a true craftsman who thrives on the social aspect. “My

favorite parts about my job are the relationships,” says Robert. “Relationships with

contractors, vendors, and the clients themselves – it doesn’t get much better.” In fact, he

keeps in touch with most of their clients long after completing their homes!


Why Fulshear?


Michael started Fairmont Custom Homes in Sienna Plantation, a Johnson Development

property located in Missouri City, and Avalon of Seven Meadows, located in Katy. People who

owned land in Fulbrook were making frequent trips to these model homes and posing the same

question each and every time: Do you build in Fulbrook? Michael was invited to join a team of

approved builders in Fulbrook, an honor indeed considering the community’s reputation of

being high-end and luxurious. Fulbrook possesses the relaxed country charm that his homes



By 2014, Fairmont Custom Homes was approved by the developer and Michael began

building his first Fulshear model home. Not long after, developer Doug Konopka asked if

Fairmont would build in his new Fulshear community, Fulshear Run. “It was a no brainer!”

Michael adds, “I knew exactly what house to build in Fulshear Run.” Newly finished, this model

home has been viewed and toured more than 1,000 times!


There is No Comparison


Fairmont Custom Homes cannot be compared to other builders. They focus on quality

over quantity, only building six to ten homes a year, with homes ranging $700,000 and up.

One aspect that sets Fairmont Custom Homes apart from other companies is the fact

that the company is comprised of a small and communicative team. Michael and Robert are a

part of every building process, from start to finish. When there is a question, there is no need

to go through three different people only to wind up with someone who may or may not know

the answer to that question. Michael and Robert are reachable 24 hours a day, seven days a

week. “Eight days a week!” jokes Robert. Clients are never left in the dark, waiting a week for

an answer.


“When Robert oversees your project, you will never feel left in the dark. His best

strengths are his consistent communication with clients and attention to detail,” adds Michael.

“In these types of projects, it requires a tremendous amount of planning and preparation for

the project to go smoothly.” As the project manager, Robert knows that it is better to ask the

questions and have multiple face-to-face meetings, than have the client show up and be

surprised, or worse, disappointed. Robert is at the job site himself, assuring that no detail is

missed in the construction process.


Fairmont Custom Homes also understands the importance of the mechanical system or

underlying structure of a home. “So few builders pay attention to these details, because you

cannot touch it or feel it, and it often doesn’t increase the value or sell-ability of the house,”

says Michael. “With this ever-changing market, we hire an energy consultant so that we

continue to stay on top of, and exceed, all state-mandated requirements.” All Fairmont homes

are complete with 16 SEER air conditioning, open cell foam insulation, and Anderson Windows.

“These are things we do not necessarily promote, but it is just the right way to build a house.”

It all starts with an idea, that leads to a blue print and, ultimately, results in a beautiful

custom home. “It is hard not to get attached to each home, we are sculpting it with our own

hands, but our reward is how impressed and happy the client is,” Michael concludes. News is

spreading quickly around Fulshear that Michael Pelletier and Robert Cox make home building

fun and rewarding. Through fine-quality, innovative floor plans, and unique extras, Michael and

Robert craft homes, not houses.

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