Do You Understand Both Sexes When it Comes to Home Buying?

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male femaleWe’ve all heard the notion that women typically make the final decision in terms of which house to buy, and that the most important rooms to attract female house hunters include the kitchen, bathrooms and bedrooms. However, when preparing to list your home on the market, the last thing you want to do is neglect any potential prospect. This means you must think of both sexes—and what appeals to both—when going through the process.

While most men gravitate toward rooms with gadgets, televisions and electronics, if you have a large entertainment unit in the home, leave it on when showings are scheduled (with the sound off) to truly show off what a beautiful flat screen looks like in the room.

If the home utilizes technology to control the heating, air or lights, highlight it with a pamphlet, or better yet, create a short video showcasing these features. Then leave a QR code on the table so prospective buyers can check the video out on their mobile device. This may take a little extra effort on your part, but the payoff could be huge.

Garages are another area that men typically gravitate toward, especially if they’re clean, have lots of shelves and contain enough storage for tools and sports equipment. Adding a workbench is a great idea as well. If you typically keep your car inside, remove it before a showing. Even if you have a classic car that men will envy, a garage with a car parked inside looks much smaller than one without.

Game rooms are also big when it comes to attracting men who want a place to put a pool table or hang their sports photos or movie posters, so staging your basement or extra room in this way is a great idea. Unlike personal photos that you should always take down, it’s wise to leave up any sports memorabilia in rooms like these that men will remember and want to duplicate when they buy the home.

Open spaces and higher ceilings are also a draw for men, because psychologically, they have a larger sense of personal space. You want to create rooms where a man feels as if he can walk through the house without stepping around all sorts of furniture. Men also prefer that the home doesn’t feel too fancy or frilly. They don’t envision dinner parties, but rather think about getting together to watch football with their friends on the weekends.

Don’t forget about the yard either. Many men would rather have a well-maintained lawn with thick, healthy grass than an area full of fancy shrubs and flowers.

When a couple buys a home, it takes an emotional investment by both, so make sure you forge that connection with both men and women.

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