Driving Up

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Driveways are an essential component of a home.  Most homeowners own more than one vehicle, so it is important for the driveway to function accordingly.  Some home owners use their driveways for play areas and work areas.  But, most importantly, a driveway must provide a place for you and your guests to park vehicles. On top of their versatility and functionality, driveways also add to the curb appeal of your home. There are a variety of styles of driveway plans that can either sit in the front of the home or wrap around to the back, but no matter the style, your drive way will always begin in the front yard of your house.

Good driveway design is all about first appearances. Whether the driveway is long or short, as you arrive at a destination, the driveway says something special about a home. Driveways are often overlooked when houses are designed and built. Modern driveways can typically be solid nondescript masses of asphalt or concrete, leading directly to the garage door, rather than providing a graceful arrival to the front door.

Old carriage houses and other traditional driveways of the past would often have strips of grass in between the track areas, or their designs would include naturally permeable materials, like crushed stone. But with the recent development of products like permeable pavers and concrete, as well as a return to natural plant materials, both of which “get water into the ground”, there is a move toward greener, more environmentally friendly driveways.

Whether you are remodeling or building a new home, considering the design type for your driveway will be determined by your specific needs.  Do you just want a basic driveway?  Do you need a circular driveway for easy in and out access? Do you want a crossover? Things to consider are the amount of parking your driveway will provide.  You need to consider the width that will work best with your vehicles and the design of your home and lot.  What type of turnaround do you need?  Make sure there will be adequate drainage. Will you want driveway gates? Whether your driveway is long and winding or short and wide, a bold driveway design adds character to your home.

You can make your driveway stand out using a diverse assortment of common driveway. You can choose color. The colors used in a driveway are often chosen to match the brick or stone or other aspects of the home. Concrete colors are either added to the concrete prior to delivery, or brushed on after construction.  You can also choose bronze-colored pebbles to add European country flair. You can line the sides of the driveway with brown slate in random interlocking patterns to create symmetrical design. Stone can be used to create a mosaic design in a driveway. You can add designs and symbols.

Designing, building, or remodeling a driveway?  There are many options.  Remember. It is all about first impressions.

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