Easy Tips to Keep Your Place Looking New!

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home3If you are among the vast majority who has too hectic a life to keep your place managed at all times, then what you need to do is pay attention at least once a week. You will notice a major difference once you start keeping a regular eye on your home. Here are some of the things you can easily make a part of your routine.

Open Spaces Give Breathing Space

Just because you have a lot of space does not mean that all the corners need to be overflowing with various objects. It isn’t like the 80’s when every inch of the room needed to have something set in place. Style your house in such a way that there are empty spaces. These will give the sensation of openness and lightness. They will make the room look bright and airy.

Make sure you have the same rule for drawers and other enclosed spaces. This gives a pleasant, neat and organized look to your cupboards and drawers.

Pay Attention to the Paintjob!

Peeling paint gives the impression of depreciation. You don’t want your house to look neglected and run down, do you? Having regular paint jobs can be expensive. What you can do is buy paint, rollers and brushes and make painting a room a friends/family thing. If you have kids, get them involved too. It will be like re-decorating the house. Choose fresh and light colors for enlarging effects.

Get Sprinklers

Do not neglect your lawn or backyard. If you don’t like gardening, get rid of it. Put in rocks or have areas replaced with cement or a deck. If you do like it, then take some time out to keep the yard maintained. You don’t have to stand every day, watering the plants; you can easily get sprinklers installed. This will ensure that your plants get watered regularly.

Pay Attention to the Exterior

This is the first thing anyone notices about your house. So make sure the exterior is in good condition. If something is broken, fix it. Repaint at least once every two years. Keep the door handles and knockers gleaming bright. Also make sure that there is proper lighting.

Remember, when you try selling your house sometime in the future, all these things will make a lot of difference on the price you are offered!

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