Eliminating Moving Day Blues

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unhappymovingMoving companies love summers.  Business is good. For various reasons, families move during the summer.  One of the biggest reasons is to transition the family and settle in before school starts.  Moving is stressful and draining so organization is vital to the process.  Moving items that you no longer need or use is wasteful.  Use this moving time to get rid of old items that are no longer needed.

Ask yourself, “Do we really need all of these clothes?”  Go through your clothing and donate what no longer fits you or what you would never wear. If you are holding onto something for just the right moment, you may not ever wear it. Only keep what you actually wear, along with some type of formal attire if you have any. For instance, do you really need twenty formal gowns? How often are they worn?  This is a simple rule to follow.  If you have not used something in three months, give it to someone who may use it or donate it.  It is a good idea to dispose worn out rugs or rugs that will not fit into your new home.  Eliminate stuffed animals. Most kids have too many. Organize the unwanted items by donating or selling what’s still useful, recycling what you can that isn’t, and trashing what’s left.

Label everything and keep it neatly in a designated area. This has been a lifesaver as you prepare to move. Each time something is packed, it goes into a particular area of the house. If it’s a box or container, it gets labeled. If it’s furniture, it gets positioned in a way that it cannot be used to prevent the dreaded unpacking of packed items.

Tape each box shut once it’s packed. Most kids don’t like their items packed. So to prevent the kids from unpacking the boxes, it’s a good idea to tape them all shut.  It is also a good idea to do this with all containers, even plastic storage bins. Duct tape is the preferred tape as it deters the kids better than standard packaging tape. It will take them longer to work at it and generally, they’ll get caught before they get very far. Of course, sealing the boxes with tape helps prevent adults from unpacking too. It isn’t foolproof, but it does help. When everything is taped up and ready to go, it is more likely to stay organized as you prepare to move.

Make no mistake, there is NO way to make moving enjoyable. But there ARE ways to make it easier!  Out with the old and in with the new.

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