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furturistic homeA George Jetson – like kitchen may not be as far off as you may think. There are several revolutionary household appliance technologies out there that are right on the brink of viability – futuristic gadgets that include a refrigerator that uses bright green gel instead of electricity, a laptop that allows you to cook and surf the Internet at the same time and a toaster that allows you to toast your bread while also printing different images on it at the same time. Years ago, no one could imagine the possibility of a tiny phone that could make a phone call from anywhere.  No one could imagine checking out of the store without a cashier punching keys.  No one could possibly imagine the medically technology that is on the brink of discovering a cure for cancer.

There is actually a refrigerator that is being tested that uses green goo to suspend and cool your food and has no doors or shelves. Another innovator has come up with the idea of a “kitchen in a box”. The Boxetti Compact Kitchen contains all the functionality and technology of a modern kitchen.  It has expandable bar sets and an automatic sliding countertop which has a working sink, refrigerator and storage. Wouldn’t that be a great space maker?

Induction stoves offer the same quality and efficiency of a gas range without any of the risk. By using a magnetic field to cook your food, these futuristic stoves supply heat directly to the cooking vessel itself. This means that you could essentially have your hand on the same surface as a pot of boiling water without getting burned.   To top it off, they are twice as energy efficient as gas. This invention is truly for the creative imagination. The Scan Toaster offers a futuristic twist to a traditional toaster allowing you to not only toast your bread, but also print a design directly onto your bread.

Another invention that is in progress is the “Blue Bowl”.  The bowl is not only stylish but actually has a blue ring of light that keeps fruit fresh longer. This is wonderful for those who buy fruit and fail to eat it before it becomes over ripened. The device sheds UV blue wavelength light over the top and around the sides of the bowl. UV light waves have been proven to inactivate certain types of bacteria, like E. coli and salmonella, in addition to ethylene gas, a gas that speeds up the rotting process. By clearing off this bacterium, the BLUE Bowl keeps your produce safe and fresh for longer.

New inventions on the horizon are exciting and certainly have energy and the environment at the forefront. This is exciting news for the generations to come.

Source: “New Inventions and Futuristic Technologies in the World of Kitchen Appliances, “KitchenSaver” .Web. 19 Mar. 2013.

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