Galveston’s Falstaff Brewery Gets a Facelift

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galvestonThe historic Galveston’s Falstaff Brewery has been abandoned for quite some now, but that will soon change. The landmark might actually be getting a new life and an additional lease, thanks to a reputed high profile developer in Texas. The team responsible for the development of Falstaff Brewery has previously worked on beautiful vintage styled restorations and archaeological projects that feature cutting edge technology, and has earned quite a name in this field.

The massive factory that was built in the year 1895 is situated to the west of the Strand district. The landmark has become a topic of debate and much discussion with everyone having completely different opinions. Some want it to be demolished whereas others want it to remain standing because it speaks of their past culture and so cannot be demolished.

Recently, there was a deal in early July regarding the historic Statler Hotel in Dallas, but it was not successful. Mathews Southwest was the firm interested in that building. Since they could not acquire the hotel, they have now set their eyes on Galveston’s neglected brewery. There have been no official announcements in this regard that reveal details of the contract, but there are pretty good chances that it would be signed off on.

Scott Galbraith, who works as vice president for one of the firm’s developmental projects, states that the company has huge plans for the landmarks. Other than the Galveston’s landmark, they are also investing in a residential project that will comprise of almost 600 public units.

Galbraith believes that the brewery’s future will be pretty optimistic. The last time the building was utilized was when a horror film was shot in 2010 that played around a group of students who had gotten trapped in an abandoned building and could not get outside because of a rough storm.

Galbraith stated that every building and location does have its pros and cons. As of now, his firm is doing a full study on the brewery so that they can completely understand the architectural, environmental and land issues that are involved with it. Galbraith believes the building to hold a lot of potential that could be very beneficial.

The Galveston’s Falstaff Brewery is the last historical industrial building in the Factory District. Matthews Southwest has successfully renovated a number of other sites. What they make of this landmark is yet to be seen.

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