Growing Trend in Luxury Homes: High-Tech Digital Kitchens

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The digital craze has affected virtually every aspect of life, but perhaps nowhere is it more useful than in the home. From keeping your property secure to saving water and energy, digital upgrades can give your house a modern edge that adds convenience, cuts costs and improves resale value.

Within the home, the kitchen showcases the digital trend more than any other room. Smart appliances simplify tasks for homeowners while adding sleek design to spaces. Homeowners can now control stoves via smartphone and microwaves have the ability to sense when food is warmed just right. Can’t remember if you’re out of milk? A smart refrigerator will tell you via text if you need to make a stop on the way home.

Even seemingly basic aspects of the kitchen are getting futuristic makeovers. No place is this more evident than with faucets. Evolving tremendously over the last decade, faucets today embrace a blend of style and function with high-tech features that impress guests and potential buyers while making your life easier on a daily basis.

In fact, if you’re looking for a manageable first step to transform your current kitchen into a high-tech powerhouse, the faucet is the perfect starting point. Here are some things to consider as you shop for a digital faucet:

  1. Does the faucet help keep the kitchen healthier (or more hygienic)?
    More than just access to water, look for digital faucets with features to help keep the kitchen more hygienic. For example, Did-U-Wave digital faucetsfrom Danze Inc. have a 3-inch infrared sensor for motion-activated functionality – perfect when your hands are full or dirty. Just imagine not having to touch the faucet to wash your hands after handling raw meat or dirty dishes. Eliminating touch means eliminating the spread of germs.
  2. Does the faucet help save water?
    A sensor makes it easy to access water, but what if you forget to turn it off? Especially important for the busy home cook or household with kids, a faucet that shuts off automatically if movement is not sensed is an important feature. While some digital faucets stay on two or more minutes, 60 seconds is the time to fill an average pot, so watch for a faucet that runs more than is necessary. That way you won’t waste water when you or someone else is in a hurry or simply forgets, which not only helps the environment but also helps save money on utilities.
  3. Do the high tech features make life easier?
    A good digital faucet will help make kitchen activity easier so you can maximize your time and minimize stress. Unique features of Danze digital faucets include LED task lighting at the tip of the spray head that provides spot lighting for easy sight no matter what you’re doing, and SnapBack Technology that ensures the head will comfortably snap into place after every use for a tidy kitchen with less effort.
  4. Is the faucet stylish?
    Much like jewelry accentuates an outfit, a faucet is a key focal point of the kitchen. Look for a stylish faucet with advanced features that marries fashion and function. Gooseneck designs in chrome or stainless steel are classic options that match a variety of kitchen aesthetics, so you can have timeless style alongside helpful benefits.

High-tech kitchens are here to stay in American homes. This growing trend adds value while making the heart of the home more useful. Start with a digital faucet and explore all the opportunities to upgrade your kitchen.

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