Hardwood Flooring Primary Choice for Consumers

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slippers wood floorFlooring is an important home designing element that drastically affects the overall look of a room. Be it the kitchen or the dining room, a beautiful floor is a must-have so that the appearance looks appealing.

According to a representative at a company that installs flooring; open floor spaces are the most challenging of all.  Wood floors are a good option for such a plan. The representative added that even if you do not choose wood floors, you should still install a floor that is the same throughout the house for a seamless appearance.

A recent survey conducted by a reputed home designing company stated that hardwood accounted for nearly 33% of all the kitchen floors that were installed in the past year. For the past eight years, the installation values of hardwood had been steady but now they have increased by 13%. The topmost slot was taken by ceramic tiles which was the preferable option by 41% of homeowners.

The survey also highlighted that hardwood flooring is seen in nearly 12% of the standard homes and 40% of luxury homes. A reputed home designer backed up this finding and told us that hardwood is a floor that is durable and can last several years in your home, which is why people invest in it. He added that removing flooring can be expensive, so people opt for floors that are characterized by increased lifetimes and hardwood is one of these.

Another reputed professional at a company which installs flooring claims that hardwood is a material which can offer a really good return on the investment. He also added that homes with hardwood floors also get better offers from buyers because of their lasting properties.

Hardwood flooring is also being installed in Belgian style, which presents a combination of light and dark colors and a variety of textures. The most popular tones are blackish brown, walnut and shades of gray. As for the finish, that is often matte for a better feel.

A home designer explained to us that matte is a great finishing option because it does not allow dust to build up and hide other imperfections. They also do not show scratches, which makes them all the more appealing.

So if you are planning to redesign your home or buying a new one, give preference to hardwood flooring.

Source: www.builderonline.com

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