HOA Boards: A Thankless Job

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house5Do you live in a planned community? Do you detest your HOA? We will not be surprised to hear your answer, but they are actually doing you good because they are protecting your home and your investment. Honestly speaking, they deserve a lot more than the low opinion most of us have of them.

First we will talk about what this board actually does.  Generally, the board members are elected by you from the homeowners in the community. Once the board has been formed, the members enforce the rules which are contained in the CC&R or Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions.  Not sure what this is about? You might not have read them but trust us you did sign them when you bought your home.

Coming back to the board, they approve vendors for landscaping and maintenance. They improve the community and strive to provide you with better amenities and a better lifestyle. However, if you break a rule, then they penalize you. In other words, they do everything for you as the rules allow them to.

An HOA will do everything that you would probably find frustrating. Dealing with your noisy neighbors or the neighbor that never mows their lawn are a few of them. And the fact is, in most cases, board members get no money for this, and so there is no real benefit for them. Yet, they listen to all your complaints and try their best to ensure that you have no issues.

With that being said, let us talk about instances when the board does not do their duties properly. The first thing is you should stop complaining. Grumbling will not get you anywhere, but efforts will. So what can you do? If you do not like the work of the board, just change the board altogether. Vote them out and find new members. What if you have an issue with the rules? Get on the board and change the policies. If you do not have time for this then try to stop criticizing the people who are actually taking out time from their busy lives for this.

If you ask us, we think you should thank the board because they are taking on a lot of your pains and reducing your responsibilities. How they do this is not as important as the fact that they are at least doing it.

Source:  www.realestate.aol.com

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