Home Inspection; What Makes It Important

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woman buying homeDid you know that 99% of REALTORS suggest a home inspection before a purchase to all the prospective buyers? And even then only 77% home buyers perform inspection before buying a house. This may be due to the fact that once a person makes contact with the seller; it seems intrusive to question the quality of their home. But buyers should avoid letting sentimentality come between their financial investment and the evaluation of its quality. Houses that did not clear inspection are shrouded in mystery and that can cost you money in the long run.

There is a reason, home inspections are crucial for a house purchase. It’s considered a given that whether a person will buy a house or not will depend on whether the house cleared inspection or not. If the inspection shows serious structural problems, the buy is not happening.

Many buyers waive their home inspection when they want to attract the seller towards their bid. Yet, it’s good to perform at least an ‘information only’ inspection to make sure you do not miss anything. Only 16% buyers cancel the buy after inspection anyways. Most houses with permanent residents clear a regular inspection very easily.

A usual home inspection is around $300 to $500 according to the location and size of the house. But it is advisable to spend a few hundred dollars to know what you are getting into.

REALTORS usually recommend home inspectors. But second opinions are well advised; reach out to your attorney and lender and confirm the home inspector before taking his inspection seriously. Run his credentials down and also evaluate him from his online profile.

When you meet the inspector, ask for a sample report and also ask about the time it will take him to make your inspection report. Choose your inspector based on all of this information, the time and the quality of his report are very significant in your home evaluation.

Whether the seller is obligated to disclose problems in the home or not depends on the area of location. Ask around from neighbors if there are any issues in the house that they know of; you can even ask the buyer’s as well as seller’s agents if they know of any major defects like flooding basements, etc.

Always be there when the inspection happens as this is going to be your future home and you should learn how to maintain it. Roam around your prospective house before the inspector arrives. Review all the locations and see whether you have any places or problems that you would like him to review with care. Remember that prevention is better than cure; that goes not only for your health but your living conditions as well.

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