Home Staging Can Accelerate the Deal

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homes3Do you want to sell your home in the least possible time period? Take help from home staging, and the results are going to surprise you. At least, this is what the current trends in the housing market reveal.

A recent poll stated that nearly 35% of the people have either sold their homes using home staging or are just about to close the deal. This is not that impressive a figure because there is little awareness in the real estate industry right now. However, what is incredible is the fact that over 75% of these people were sure that it was home staging that had helped them in getting the price they demanded.

An industry expert described home staging as the process that utilizes the best asset of the seller to the utmost. The main aim is to ensure that your home stands out from other houses and the two topmost priorities are new paint and ultimate cleanliness. Indeed, this does incur expenses and seemingly there seems to be no point in doing the walls if you are moving out. But if you want to get a really good price, this is actually a must. The extra costs are easily covered.

Other than paint, remember that a clean house is the cue. Throw away your garbage, and make sure there are no open trash cans in your home. Remove the clutter, and replace your dingy bedding and furniture with clean ones. If your house does not have enough space, you could add some wall art to the walls or hang some mirrors to make the rooms look bigger than they actually are.

When buyers come to visit your house, they will like the fresh walls and your house would seem a better option to them compared to the other dirty and grubby homes they would have visited.  Your home would look brighter and bigger, and so more people would be lured into buying it.

While you can try home staging on your own, a better option is to take advice form a stager. The rates vary with each stager and region, but the average costs are around $100 per furnishing or $65 per hour. Many stagers will negotiate the prices with you, and provide you with options that are suitable for your budget.

So get your home staged and you will stand a better chance of selling it to the first buyer who visits.

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