Honey-Do Tasks for Spring

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maintenance green shirt toolbeltHow often do you maintain your home’s exterior? If you have not done this in a long time, now is the right time to do it. From the roof to the garden, there is so much to take care of. And take care you should because until your landscapes are attractive, your home value is being affected negatively. Not only that, unattended repairs can lead to major problems and incur huge expenses if you keep ignoring them. Regularly conduct maintenance to prevent this from happening.

So what is involved? Some tools, a proper plan and a little time. Here are some tasks which you should conduct:


Winter storms, rain and ice often cause a lot of damage to the exterior, which is why you must conduct a thorough inspection. Analyze the roof, and if you come across any loose or missing shingles, get them repaired.  Now clean all gutters so that they do not clog and expose you to the risks of water damage when the season rains start tumbling down.

Other than the roof and gutters; inspect your chimney and foundation as well. If any part has been damaged, get it repaired when the situation is still under your control.


Pruning makes your plants look more attractive and healthier. Remove all dead and damaged branches, cutting them at the branch collar; the point which connects the branches to the trunk or another branch. If you cut only half branches or leave them joint at the end, it will give an untidy look.

We suggest that you use a hand pruner or handsaw. If you have it in the budget, get some branch clippers as well because there always are some branches which are not so easy to reach.


Is the paint on the outside of your house cracking? Touch up these areas and you will be able to avoid extensive damage. Plus, everything will have a new look about it. And by the way, these other tasks should be carried out on a yearly basis; the same cannot be said for painting.


You are now done with the essentials. Got some more time? Plant some new flowers, fruits and veggies. You are going to love the fragrance in your garden when these bloom. As for the taste, there isn’t anything like fresh veggies and fruit in the fridge on a hot summer day.

Source: www.zillow.com

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