How to Use Real Estate Signs to Your Benefit

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real estate signIt is tough to sell real estate for a real estate agent or a home owner alike. However, there are several tools that can aid you in increasing the chances of attracting potential customers. Once a property is to be sold, the major task is to get the word out that the property is available. The best and most convenient way to do that is to put up for sale signs on the property and other relevant locations to attract the target home buyers. Here are a few ways to effectively utilize real estate signs to maximize your advantage:

Color Combination

To make the sign attractive, use two colors that complement each other instead of using just white. This will make a better impact on potential home buyers.

It is better to stay away from the red color or use it with care as red is generally perceived as a negative color.

It is best to use the same theme and colors on your signs as on your flyers and brochures. This will enhance the brand consistency and synergy, which will boost its effectiveness.

Sign Placement

The main reason to put up the sign is to attract attention of as many potential buyers as you can which is why placement of the sign should be carefully done.

The sign must be placed in such a way that it is visible to everyone from the street. Be on the lookout for telephone poles, trees, and parked cars before you place your sign as these can affect the sign’s visibility.

Placing the sign near a sidewalk can have a major effect

If the property is situated at the corner of the street, it is better to place two signs at both sides of the street so that it can reach the maximum number of people.

It is unnecessary to place the sign at a location where it won’t attract much attention. If the house is at a location with limited traffic, place the sign near busy streets, after attaining the home or business owner’s permission of course. It is also a good idea to place the sign near or at local shops to attract maximum potential buyers. Such signs should also have directions of the house and relevant contact details.

Striking Graphics

A sign should have eye-catching design and graphics.

A recognizable and bold logo or a professional picture can attract more attention of potential buyers.


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