I Love Lamps: The Top 5 Table Lamp Trends

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Decorating styles for 2012 have been big, dramatic, and full of rich, vibrant color. The idea is to be unique, grab attention and make a statement. Furniture design has seen lots of daring color so far, including primary colors in fabrics, Union Jack-themed couches and side tables, and dramatic tables with a steampunk, industrial loft look.

Accessories and home accents are just as bold, with chic tones of silver, gold and tangerine tango, the designer color of the year. Not to be left out, a wide range of new designer lamp looks have followed, offering exciting new looks that will add a new brightness to your home decorating. Here are our top 5 table lamp trends for you to explore.

Big and Bold Bases
Lighting designers have gone big and bold with the lamp bases themselves. “The footprint of many lamps has gotten larger over the last couple of years,” says Lamps Plus blogger and designer Marcia Prentice. “The idea is to make the lighting a dramatic and sculptural focal point for the room.” On-trend looks include designs with a carved, antique appearance and organic-shaped bases that mimic forms found in nature. Elaborates Prentice, “To bring in an organic look, I love using big lamps that have a big wooden base or designs that have the look of driftwood or salvaged wood.”

Bright Colors
Fashion often leads the way in the exploiting new color trends. Runway inspired decor makes its presence felt in a range of brightly colored modern table lamps. Cool teal blue, more intense cobalt blue, bright and poppy tones of lavender, and glittering color treatments are all making a splash this year. And then there’s tangerine tango, the Pantone color of the year. “This is a really intense color, so a little goes a long way,” notes Prentice,, “but it provides a wonderfully warm and intense blast to spice of bedrooms, seating areas and more.”

Clear Glass and Mirrors
To balance out some of the other big and bold room elements, designers are turning to glass and mirrored lamps. Designer and blog writer Lesley Myrick says that “Glass table lamps offer a clear and pure form that provides sparkle without fighting with other colors or shapes in a room design. With glass lamps, you can see through the body to get a glimpse of the other things going on in the space. They don’t conflict with other things going on.”

Mirrored table lamps offer more punch, reflecting textures and colors used throughout a room. “Mirrored lamps are really cool to use in smaller rooms or anywhere you want to add a little splash and dazzle,” says Myrick. Both the glass and mirror offer a taste of the hot Hollywood Luxe design look, a style that draws inspiration from classic Hollywood set design and home styles from the 1930s and 1940s.

Metallic Table Lamps
It’s not just splashy colors and eye-catching glass that’s turning heads. Bold metallic tones of silver and gold are also being used. Observes Prentice, “Metal table lamps offer wonderful texture and glitter. They really make an impact in a room, especially when set against more organic elements or soft wall paint colors.” New designs are even bringing back an old favorite from, the brass table lamp. “Brass is a really appealing metallic tone for lamps,” says Prentice. “I love using them to give an extra layer of richness for a room.”

Custom DIY Looks
With the boom in DIY home projects and Etsy crafting, there’s also a big movement of customizing table lamps to create unique designs. Adding new trim or ribbons to a shade is one easy way to add a little personalization. “I’d also suggest looking at a new finial,” suggests Myrick. The lamp shade finial is the decorative top of the shade. These screw down onto the lamp spider to hold the shade in place. “You can find lots of really unique, inexpensive finials; there’s everything from cool abstract shapes to animals and more.”

Source: LampsPlus.com.

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