Improve Your Home with Your Tax Refund

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tax refundThe 15th of April is looming close. Are you done with your taxes or are you still procrastinating? For those who are through with them, do you owe the government or do they owe you? If it is the former, we cannot help you much, but if it is the latter, we have a few suggestions for your refund.

Your home is probably the biggest asset which you have, and so you should always keep it in good condition. So what do you think you should do with your refund? Use it for improving your home.

We talked to the biggest designers and architects in the industry and asked them about their suggestions. From their responses, here are what we believe to be the most economical home renovation projects you can carry out this year. And do you know what the best part is? None of them costs more than $3,000.

Replace your front door

First impressions are everything and for quite a lot of individuals, even the last. Get a new front door for your house so that the appearance improves; invest in a smart product and it will even make your home safer. Acceding to a survey, if you invest in a steel door worth $1,200, you will be able to get a return worth 97% of the amount invested. You can also go for a fiberglass door that is more beautiful and more expensive. The average costs are around $2,800.

Get weatherized windows

Do you have trouble in maintaining comfortable temperatures inside your house?  Maybe this is because of windows which allow both heat and cool air to escape from the room. So why not buy more efficient windows? Get ones that have the Energy Star label; doing so will help you decrease your bills by as much as 15%.

Paint the walls a new color

Are you tired of the olive shade in your bathroom or the orange wall in your living room? Give your house a brand new coat of paint. A gallon of paint costs around $40, and will be enough for an area of approximately 350 sq feet. Whether you go for neutral colors or brighter splashes, this will provide your house with a fresh, new look.

So try out the above, and utilize your refund to improve your surroundings. You will love the overall look of your home.


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