Is Your Swimming Pool Ready for Some Serious Fun?

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Now that summer has officially arrived, if you’re lucky enough to own a pool, you’re undoubtedly the envy of your neighborhood. As temperatures continue to heat up, and your yard becomes the local hangout, you’ll want to be sure your pool is ready for some serious fun.

First, head to your local pool supply store and stock up on tubes, rafts and pool games to keep children and adults alike busy. Investing in a volleyball net or basketball hoop is a great way to ensure the pool is enjoyable for everyone.

In addition to games, you can dress up the appearance of your backyard—pool included—by incorporating resort-like chairs and furniture to provide guests a spot where they can relax and catch some rays. If you’d like to up the ante even more, think about incorporating a cooking station, fire pit and entertainment system to create a backyard oasis.

For decorations, add some color-changing LED lights in and around the pool. There are some stunning visual lights that give you the ability to change up the lighting to suit any mood or event from static colors like blue, green, magenta, red and white to dynamic pre-programmed light shows that enhance nighttime poolscapes with rich and vibrant colors.

Keeping the water in your pool blue is also vital. In addition to vacuuming and adding chemicals, it’s important to make sure the right mixture is used, and be sure to clean the pool regularly. Balancing your water chemistry is the key to keeping your pool healthy all summer long.

Chlorine is the quintessential chemical when fighting and eliminating bacteria and contamination in a swimming pool. The PH is measured by determining the acidity of the water, and a pool that doesn’t have an ideal PH balance can cause skin and eye discomfort. It’s also important to make sure there’s enough calcium in the pool to keep the pipes and heating system working properly.

Remember, there’s a reason you purchased a custom home with a pool. Providing friends and family with a safe environment in which to play is an important part of ensuring summertime fun.

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