Let’s Get Organized!!

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home organizationSmall space makeovers can transform cramped spaces into a large amount of storage. First, map out convenient locations for items that must be accessible.  A spot to park your vacuum, broom, and mop is imperative.  It is a good idea to use clips that hold mops and brooms to free up floor space. Adding a freestanding drawer that will hold items like batteries, flashlights, screwdrivers, and writing utensils adds more storage and space to an otherwise small space.

Specialty cleaning products, seasonal appliances (like the humidifier), and oddball items (like moving blankets) should be kept up top, with a wall-mounted step ladder nearby. The pockets of a canvas shoe wrangler are just the right size for spray bottles, cleaning wipes, and small items like grout brushes, which tend to get lost on shelves. Tailor storage to your space and needs.

Maintain collections of similar items (light bulbs, extension cords, rolls of tape) in clear, lightweight containers. Streamline the search for warranties and other paperwork with clear pockets; use tabs to separate appliances and gadgets by room.  Keep them all bound together in a three-ring binder.  Keep an adhesive dry­ erase calendar in an accessible area for recording trash dates, delivery dates, and other important dates that you need to remember. Bills, sports schedules, medical records, and school papers with short-term relevance need to be placed in an area where they can be seen often and also need to be placed where they can be located and retrieved easily.

The bedroom closet can be transformed into a wealth of space also.  You can find unique ways to combine storage units to fit your different needs. It is helpful if you have drawers for folded items, hangers for dresses and suits, boxes for odds and ends. Use coordinated hangers for a clean look that will care for your clothes and help you stay organized. Use an umbrella stand to hold odd items like yoga mats, baseball bats, umbrellas, etc. Use boxes, cubbies, shelves, or a hanging organizer to sort and organize shoes. Keep folded clothes or accessories neat with shelf dividers.

A good organizer finds ways to utilize vertical space. If you live in a small space, replace traditional closet doors that swing out with curtains or hanging screens. Use stackable laundry baskets that you can easily carry to the washing machine. Hooks can create extra storage space when you hang them inside the closet. Keep your closet in shape by treating it like a small room. Pay attention to lighting, wall color, and floor coverings. Make more room in your closet by storing out-of-season clothes in boxes up high or under the bed. Color coding your wardrobe can make finding things easier.  A rolling cart with coordinated boxes can be pulled in or out of the closet and used for clothing or office supply storage. Use suitcases to store out-of-season linens, blankets, or sweaters.

Spring is here.  Spring cleaning is in play.  Simple organizational strategies will make your day-to-day activities progress easily and stress-free.

Source: “20 Ways to Organize Your Bedroom Closet.” Apartment Therapy. Web. 21 Apr. 2013.

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