Luxury Living Trends: What’s In and What’s Out

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deckLuxury living has become a large trend in home design and interior decoration. More and more people prefer to line their nests with the finest they can get in order to ensure that there’s a safe, relaxing haven they return to after their stressful day out. Over time, luxury living trends have varied and diversified according to which luxury items people have sought more than others.

To find out what’s in and what’s out, experts have taken a comprehensive look at luxury listings. Based on which amenities are more frequently highlighted, it’s possible to gauge the market demand and the consumer’s choice for luxury items. The research suggests that the following are very in demand:

Marble up the House

With the sleek and neutral design that luxury homes incorporate, marble is definitely among the top utilized materials used to showcase that look. Among all the luxury listings, the most commonly mentioned item was a marble bath. In fact, a comparison was made and it was deduced that compared to last year, luxury listings were 78% more likely to mention and include marble baths. Marble floors are also very popular with the numbers placing them at 30% more likely to be mentioned as compared to last year.

Outdoor Space

Outdoor space was always a necessity but was usually reserved to lawns, backyards and swimming pools. However, for luxury homes, the listings show that the inclusion of a roof deck or terrace has also become popular. The listings showcase roof decks as 63% more likely to be mentioned in a listing and terraces coming in at a decent 43%. As compared to last year, there has definitely been a significant increase in the demand for outdoor space.

Through the Looking Glass

Windows are a common household amenity but they’re now becoming more popular among luxury listings. As compared to last year, there is definitely more mention of windows that are over sized, large with breathtaking views and floor to ceiling. Windows that offer amazing views are definitely on the rise and receive a special mention in luxury listings.

Fitness and Home Gyms

Health and fitness are quite popular among people who like to look after themselves but it seems that the trend is picking up with home gyms and fitness amenities now being included in luxury listings. Compared to last year, gyms are 28% more likely to be mentioned while outdoor exercise places such as tennis courts are 24% more likely.

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