Make Your Home Saleable Even if it is Not Home Selling Season

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holiday saleHave you ever heard that the best time of the year to sell your home is spring and summer? Yes, we do agree, but we also state that you can sell your home at other times of the year as well, and so do the real estate industry experts. A recent survey captured the response of many professionals in the industry and almost 77% claimed that selling your home at the end of the year is not that difficult and definitely not impossible if you just take note of a few things.

Follow the suggestions that the survey has put together and hopefully you will soon have a very good offer on the table to consider before the year comes to an end.

Stage your house for the snow

The end of the year is always marked by snow and chilly weather in most parts – even in Texas. If you belong to any of those regions where snowfall is plentiful, you should stage the exterior of your house accordingly. Wipe you driveways clean of snow and remove ice from your doors and walkways. This would serve as a positive sign to buyers because your house would appear friendlier and cozier.

If you want your house to look more attractive, you can adorn the outside with early Christmas decorations. Maybe you can add some colorful lights or hang some beautiful wreaths; the choices are definitely numerous. You can even put a Christmas tree on your porch – just don’t go overboard like the Griswold’s!

Turn on the lights… and leave them on

You should keep most of the lights switched off and conserve energy, but not when you want to sell your home. In the winter, the nights are darker so you should let your lights remain on. This would ensure that your house seems warm and would appear more appealing to the buyer.

Since you would not need any of the lights during the day, you can attach them to a timer. Once it turns dark, they would automatically switch on.

Shine the limelight on your house

The winter season may not see enough buyers, but the same is sort of true for the sellers as well. Let yourself benefit from this and make sure your home stands out. You could either add a video to your listing or you could even set up a small website or a page that shows off your home. Doing these extra things might provide you a better deal.


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