New Tools for Gardening and More

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garden toolsSpring is around the corner.  Garden centers are buzzing.  While some areas of the country are still shoveling snow, Texas homeowners are hitting the garden centers and planning for spring arrivals. Garden hoses and sprinklers will be coming out of storage. It is a good time to update your gardening tools. There are several new tools available that will save you time and back-breaking work.

Nobody has ever mentioned pulling weeds as an item on their “Favorite Things to Do” list. If weeding is a part of your gardening chore list, owning a Weed Dragon Propane Weed Remover might be an item that interests you.  Keep in mind; however, it has to be handled by adults since it uses propane to remove weeds. The device comes already assembled and can be connected to any reusable propane tank. It allows you to eliminate the use of chemical sprays and helps to remove weeds that are typically hard to reach. It is heavy but does help you to avoid bending and kneeling.

Another futuristic item for your gardening needs is the Hondo Miimo Robotic Lawn Mower. It is for those folks who want a nice lawn so they can maintain that manicured look of their neighborhood, but do not enjoy walking up and down their yard every week to do so. The automatic mower continuously cuts 2 to 3 millimeters of grass at a time until your entire yard is cut, and best of all, it does not require a bag. The razors cut the grass so fine that it can be left on the lawn and be used as a natural fertilizer. The Miimo is controlled by a border wire that the user installs slightly beneath the ground or within the lawn itself and the device is self-charging, so the Miimo will automatically slither back to its docking station whenever it’s running low on battery power. Look for it in gardening centers soon.

Cordless shears are perfect replacements for those old rusty hedge clippers that seem to never be sharp. The newer cordless shears come with lithium batters and can cut your hedge clipping time in half. With this device, you can quickly trim those hedges and get back to doing whatever you enjoy more, which is probably most things when you think about how annoying yard work can be.

Hate dragging around heavy hoses? Give yourself a break with the new, ingenious, super-light polyurethane hose. It weighs less than half as much as a conventional hose yet is built to last with industrial spring guards at each end to eliminate annoying kinks, and extra-long, crush-proof, chrome-plated solid brass fittings to ensure leak-proof connections.

Tune up tools so everything is ready when things start growing. Make note of what is missing, and order tools for the new growing season. Choose new plants for the garden. It is a good time to order perennials, trees, and shrubs for spring planting. Stay apprised of all of the new tools that will lighten the yard word load.   Happy gardening!!

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