On the Beach or Near the Water

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Many of us dream of living by the water or on the beach. Buyer, beware!!  There are issues that come with waterfront property.  Knowing what to expect will make your lifelong dream be everything you dreamed it would be.  As with any home, try to determine exactly what it is you need and want in a home. What activities do you enjoy? You want your selection to simplify doing the things you like to do.  If you are an avid boater, the size of your boat becomes a crucial factor in your decision. There are many waterfront properties that do not accommodate larger boats or there is no easy access due to river depth, oyster beds, and tides. If fishing is your favorite pastime, you will want property with easy access to the water.  For a wider variety of fish, home buyers should look for properties close to deep bodies of water. Some buyers are looking for more intimate water experiences.  If you like kayaking and want a quiet interaction with nature, living on a busy lake would not be enjoyable. How frequently will you be at your property or is it your permanent domicile. Some waterfront areas are not meant for year-round living.

Besides allowing you to enjoy the activities you love, your waterfront property should satisfy other needs you have as well.  If you have medical needs, you will want your property to be close to a hospital or medical center. If you travel frequently or your business requires a lot of travel, you will want your property close to an airport.

Location! Location! Location! This will always be a factor when purchasing any type of property.  Locations deeply impact the value of your home.  You want to live near or on the water, but it is still a community and you want to like the community. Once you focus on an area and start looking at specific properties, the most important thing to remember is to put your emphasis on the property rather than the house.

With waterfront property the real value of the home is in the land. Property near a sandy beach is valuable. The view is important and adds value to any property. Level lots are easily accessible, especially if you are growing older. Level properties are desirable for most buyers. Proximity to the water is important. Lake frontage corresponds to the amount of privacy your home allows.  One hundred feet will give you a minimal amount of privacy, while two hundred feet gives you an abundance of privacy.

As you see, there are many variables to consider when you start your search for waterfront or beach property.  Have a plan in mind and make a list of your needs before you shop.  A beautiful view might blind you to some of the drawbacks that may diminish the joy of owning your dream home on the water or beach.

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