Pest Prevention Tips for Your Custom Home

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Pest prevention is a matter of homeowner diligence – establishing cleanliness habits and maintaining pest-prone fixtures regularly. According to the pest control experts at Assured Environments, pest problems can be avoided in three simple steps.

1. Establish Storage Habits – Keep all garbage in tightly sealed containers and empty trash receptacles regularly. Be diligent about safe food storage. Keep food items in sealed containers and never keep anything past its expiration.

2. Maintain Plumbing System – Keep all pipes in working order. Ensure there are no leaky patches in roofs and do not let water accumulate. Make sure toilets do not back up. Use dehumidifiers in basement storage areas.

3. Inspect Wood Structures – Termites and other small creatures are highly attracted to rotting wood. Ensure all wood structures on the property are well-maintained. Note any openings and seal them to stop small rodents and insects from entering.

Source: Assured Environments

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