Raising the Roof

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Roofs are a very essential part of buildings and houses as they protect the inner part of the building from rain, storms, snow and extreme of temperature. Without a roof, a building is incomplete. As human civilization developed the concept of houses evolved and so did the materials and styles of roofs in constructions. Today there are many different types of roofs that are found over houses and buildings.

There are gable roofs that are triangular allowing for the easy sliding off of rain and snow. There is the cross gable roof that has two parts that actually cross. Sloping roof is a general term applied to any roof that is either slightly or completely tilted. These roofs are one of the most common residential roofs. Unlike the flat roofs the major advantage of sloping roofs is that they do not allow the water or debris to accumulate.

Then there is the flat roof that is one of the easiest to build and requires very little material. They are seen mostly in the cities, but are not very popular among houses these days because of their shallow pitch making it easier for water and debris to accumulate. A French gable roof has a mansard with a flat area at the top instead of being perfectly triangular. These are common in French Chateau houses and Second Empire style houses. A pyramidal is a hipped roof that forms a pyramid shape.  They are highly stylish and modern. The gambrel roof looks more bell-like than triangular when viewed from the side. It is like a flattened gable roof. Many farms have gambrel roofs.  See all 8 photos

Gambrel roof is basically a type of gable roof in which one side is steeper than the other. The gambrel roof has vertical gable ends and the roof hangs over the pretense of the house. This roof is more popularly used as a barn roof. It is a Dutch inspired style of roof.  A revival of the mansard roof occurred in the 1850s, when Paris was rebuilt by Napoleon III. The style became associated with this era, and the term Second Empire is often used to describe any building with a mansard roof. Mansard roofs were considered especially practical because they allowed usable living quarters to be placed in the attic. For this reason, older buildings were often remodeled with mansard roofs. Today, mansard style roofs are occasionally used for one- and two-story apartment buildings, restaurants, and Neo-eclectic houses.

Many homeowner associations will require a specific roof to keep the style and architecture consistent in the neighborhood.  For the most parts, the different types of roofs are selected for the style and look that a homeowner desires.

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