Repair Your Furnace as Soon as the Need Arises

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furnace repairDoes the furnace in your home need a replacement after the long, hard winter? We know that repairing can be quite expensive at times. The thing is that if you delay maintenance of your furnace, you are just exposing yourself to more risks, not to mention the expenses.  Let us take a look at this in more detail.


There are so many furnaces that are probably cracked or worn down after the long winter we have all experienced this year. Problem is that all these issues can go undetected if you do not maintain them on a regular basis. So what happens when your system suffers from a crack?  The gases that are produced by the furnace combine with the heated air that is delivered through your entire house. Thus the air that you breathe in becomes contaminated with carbon monoxide which is a poisonous gas. Unless you have a CO detector in the home, this can have very tragic consequences.


Generally, well-maintained heating equipment will see up to 15 to 30 years in your house. However, if you do not maintain it regularly, it will last for just five years. Yes, you will have to replace it in this condition, and this is even more costly than repairing it,


Delay repairing your heating system and its efficiency will decline until it falls below the acceptable level. Consequently, your energy bills will also rise. Compare this with a highly efficient furnace, and your bills will rise significantly, by nearly 10%. Go for service, and you will be paying reduced costs.

Generally, the prime reason behind the decrease in efficiency is when your system has leaks. According to a reputed HVAC maintenance company, leaks can decrease the efficiency by as much as 20%.


A furnace that operates under excellent conditions can better maintain an appropriate temperature in your house and make it more comfortable for you.  Avoid the maintenance and you will be sacrificing your comfort.

So what does maintenance comprise of?

A general maintenance session will last around 45 minutes to an hour. The technician will inspect a number of things such as the thermostat, electrical connections and the mechanical components. Your furnace will be lubricated and it will be ensured that it is in good working order.  Once this is done, the performance is evaluated to ascertain that it is satisfactory.


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