Selling Your Home? Do this First!

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# 1 number oneDo you have any plans to sell your house this year? Have you staged your house and prepared it for the buyers? Many of you might be thinking that this is too expensive, but this is not always the case. Even while remaining under your budget, you can significantly improve the appearance of your house. So where do you think you should start all of this? According to real estate professionals, it is the outside. This is where your home improvement project should begin. The outside is what sets off the first impression to the buyers and so this should be your initial focus.

A recent survey has presented similar results. Most of the respondents claimed that curb appeal can provide you with quick results without asking too much of an investment. So without any major changes you can still attract a lot of buyers. We talked to some home designing experts and here is what they suggested.

Get new hardware

Sounds complex? It is not. Keep it simple, and this will also ensure that you do not have to spend much.  Get some new house numbers for your property, affix the mailbox to the wall and beautify your porch with some new lights. All these hardware components should not only complement well with each other in terms of their styles and finishing, but should also go with the exterior design of your house.

Add some color here and there

A splash of color here and there against a neutral background always looks good and attracts many buyers.  Maybe you could go for a colorful door or you could add some interesting trim to the walls.  Paint the shutters and the trim as well for a more attractive look.

A real estate agent advised to be bold with colors. He added that you can choose any color if it contrasts well with your house and the landscape.  As for the costs, we do not think you will require more than a gallon for this, which means an expense of around $25.

Plant some flowers

Flowers look beautiful and smell great. Buyers may not be a fan of gardening, but they will still be lured by flowers that decorate the exterior of your house. Plant them against the walkway and hang some baskets on your porch. You could even keep a vase or two inside the house – just make sure they’re visible through the windows.

Take our advice and you will have plenty of buyers interested in your property.


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