Skilled Maintenance and Renovations

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Proactive home owners maintain their property efficiently.  After all, a home is one of our biggest investments.  Staying on top of home repairs is always the best approach.  But sometimes, economically, it is not always possible.  Properly caulking and painting the exterior of a home will always be valuable.  It will be less likely to rot.  Repairing damaged shingles insures that a roof will not leak. Maintenance, however, is not always possible because you might not notice an issue until after it is too late. Sometimes a home’s maintenance history is not properly divulged or disclosed.

Renovations are often sidetracked for economical reasons.  Many home owners use a handyman instead of a skilled contractor. Skilled contractors will trace the source of a problem. How did the water seep in?  Why does the door not close properly? If the proper materials are used and the correct measures are identified, this can improve the prospects of the problem never reoccurring and it help to insure that there will be no further damage to your home. Using advanced maintenance-free materials may require skills that a handyman does not possess, or he may just be unfamiliar with the latest materials.

Perhaps the largest mistake people make is not totally honest or realistic about their budget. There is a natural reluctance on the part of some homeowners to give a contractor their real number. That may be because a homeowner genuinely does not know what a project will cost, or they could fear that an unscrupulous contractor will “find a way” to make their project hit that maximum amount. That fear is unfounded if you have done your due diligence and selected a reputable, professional contractor. Just like a doctor or a lawyer, your contractor will work with you to achieve your desired result. Yet just like any other professional, they need critical information going into the project. Does your kitchen renovation budget allow for and do you want custom cabinets, which can take much longer to arrive and may cost more? If so, your contractor needs to order them early, so they don’t cause delays, and you need to budget for custom cabinetry. Do you want to include new appliances or work with an existing range or refrigerator that may not have the same counter depth needed for an updated kitchen design? Knowing that on the front end allows for some creative designs and budgeting, while discovering it after a countertop or cabinets are ordered may result in a more costly or unattractive solution and scheduling delays. Understanding what you want and knowing what you can afford will allow your contractor to create a project that fulfills your desires and meets your budget.  A professional contracting company will carefully guide you through the process of making good design decisions and product selections, while working within a realistic budget with which you both feel comfortable.

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