Some of the Largest Texas Homes Have Been Built in Houston

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houstonIs there any aspect of the real estate industry in which Houston did not excel? We think not, but industry experts would be better able to determine this. One question that lingers is when Houston will cease to surprise? Not anytime soon or so most of the real estate professionals say. The year 2013 saw record after record being broken and the real estate industry soared higher and higher. Houston already has a lot to boast about, and we really hope it will be the same next year.

So what has Houston done this time that has made it come in the limelight yet again? A recent report has published that some of the homes in Houston are among the largest in the entire state of Texas. But there is one flaw in the bigger picture. The homes may be among the biggest, but the size of an average Houston home is gradually decreasing. And so after some time, Houston may not hold this record anymore.

According to a report that has been published by a real estate firm in Seattle, Houston homes have bigger sizes than the residences in Dallas and Austin. The average square footage of a home in Houston is 2,184 square feet. With these stats, Houston is top of the list.

If the past figures are considered, it can be noted that home sizes have been going down since 2011 in all major cities of Texas. On the other hand, the prices in Houston are going in another direction and have increased by almost 15% compared to this period last year. Dallas and Austin have also experienced a rise in figures, but their values are still lower than Houston’s – around 10%.

In terms of average house prices, Houston has done a better job than Austin, which is regarded to be one of the most expensive cities in Texas and the most expensive one when compared to Houston and Dallas. The average price of homes in Houston was $250,000 in the month of October, 2013.

Since the homes in Houston are bigger, the developers have also made them more luxurious, featuring modern and attractive designs. The other cities in Texas have more modest homes compared to Houston that are built using environment friendly materials.


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