Squeaky Doors and Floors

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fixing doorHow many floors and doors in your house squeak? According to a survey, over 80% of people find this sound to be one of the most annoying.  The sound may be annoying, but you can still live with it, at least most of you will be living with it. But what if you want to sell? The survey also claims that squeaky doors and floors are a buyer repelling factor.  What do you do then? Get them repaired.

An industry expert told us that squeaky doors and floors can be repaired, but they have to be maintained regularly because the sound only disappears shortly.

Handling the Doors

Doors squeak because of general wear and tear or an incorrect setting. Oiling the hinges can help reduce the sound for a time. If you want to lengthen this period, shut the door and remove your hinge pins. A bent pin may also be a cause of the squeak.  Place the pin on a surface and tap it with a hammer so that it straightens out. Should this not happen, just buy new pins of the right size.

An industry expert told us that coating the hinge pins with grease decreases the squeaks even more.  Once you coat them, you can put the pins back again.

Dealing with the Floors

A study claims that over 40% of luxury homes feature hardwood floors. They do make your house look beautiful, but if you have had them for a couple of years, they may be producing noise when you walk on them. The primary reason for this is the friction the boards have against each other.

If you want a short term solution, sprinkling the squeaky boards will talcum powder will be of help. This will reduce friction and the squeak will die down for the time being. If you want a long term solution, you can opt for a number of approaches depending on where the squeak is coming from.

The easiest of these is to identify the location of the squeak. The problem for those of us who live in Texas is that most of us do not have basements.  If you have one, you can coat a shim with carpenter’s glue and tap it from below. While at this, make sure your flooring does not rise. Driving a screw into the joist will also serve the purpose.

So before you put your home on the market, make sure you have no squeaky floors and doors.

Source: www.zillow.com

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