Five Trends That Will Define Custom Kitchens in 2018

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It’s your new custom home’s focal point. The site of some of your best moments and the base of operations for entertaining — it’s your kitchen, and no room in your home is more valuable. A magnificent kitchen defines a home, and bringing your kitchen to this level means capitalizing on today’s top trends.

Many of the trends that will define kitchens for the year appear first at KBIS, the kitchen and bath industry convention held every year. More than 600 brands attended this year’s event, and here are the five trends that stood out from the show and are sure to dictate kitchen styles for the rest of this year and beyond.

The Return of the White Kitchen!

There is something so gorgeous about an elegant, timeless, white kitchen! Whether you enjoy trend-spotting or wrinkle your nose at the very thought, recurring trends are worth paying attention to, if for no other reason than what they say about the public taste vis-a-vis the times...

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Outdoor Living Spaces Trends and Tips

In an article posted on, Tara D. Sturm talks about how we move more of our attention to the outdoors during these warmer months we’re all experiencing. She goes on to say, “Thoughts of sipping cool beverages atop cozy lounges and backyard barbeques instantly...

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Kitchen Islands – Heart of the home

Today’s homeowners are spending more time eating in, entertaining at home, experimenting with new recipes, and multitasking. That might mean watching TV or reading the paper while stirring a pot of chili. Or supervising math homework and checking out Facebook while rotating batches of cookies through the oven for the next PTA...

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