Outdoor Living Spaces Trends and Tips

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In an article posted on Buildipedia.com, Tara D. Sturm talks about how we move more of our attention to the outdoors during these warmer months we’re all experiencing. She goes on to say, “Thoughts of sipping cool beverages atop cozy lounges and backyard barbeques instantly come to mind at the mere mention of summer. The last few years, however, have brought a dramatic increase in the dollars and time spent on improving our outdoor living spaces, and designers have responded to this trend and are seeking to provide us with our ideal backyard paradise. We spoke with Feng Shui guru and interior designer DeAnna Radaj of Bante Design LLC about outdoor living and creating the perfect getaway.”

“’The attention to outdoor living relates partially to the housing market, partially to the economy,’ Radaj explains. ‘People are staying put and improving their current space, and your outdoor area – whether it’s a small balcony in an apartment or a condo, or a full-blown patio – has become another room, an extension of the house.’ She explains that outdoor kitchens, entertaining areas, and, in warmer climates, even bedrooms finding places in our yards and on our decks and patios.”

“Although the economy has impeded mobility and home sales, Radaj says that more and more dollars are being spent on big-ticket items and structural changes along with the usual details: ‘People are running water lines. They’re running the gas lines for cooking areas, electricity for TVs, putting speakers in the rocks. It’s more than throwing your grill up with a couple of lawn chairs and an umbrella these days. These are hardcore spaces that are being thought through just as if they were an indoor kitchen or indoor seating area like a family room.’”

“As we spend more money on these outdoor investments, however, it becomes increasingly important to design our spaces right. Radaj shares with us a few tips of her own for creating the perfect outdoor living space.”

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