Incorporating Tech into Your Custom Bathroom

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Americans love luxury and technology, so it’s no surprise that the two are meeting and thriving in one of our favorite places — the bathroom. Just as technology is transforming every other area of the house, inside and out, it’s recreating our concept of what constitutes a luxurious bathroom.

The 2016 Houzz Bathroom Trends study found many new custom homeowners are incorporating technology into their plans. From smart mirrors and medicine cabinets to showerheads with Bluetooth connectivity and self-cleaning toilets, technology’s time has arrived in the American bathroom.

If you’ll be designing a bathroom this year, here are four must-have technology items to incorporate into your plans:

2013 Bath Spaces

An intimate bathroom is most often a part of every dream home.  In 2013, the dream bathroom has evolved into something entirely different.  Gigantic bathtubs are out; larger showers with multiple shower heads are becoming the norm. Buyers are practical and want to find practical...

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