2013 Bath Spaces

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bathroom trends 2013An intimate bathroom is most often a part of every dream home.  In 2013, the dream bathroom has evolved into something entirely different.  Gigantic bathtubs are out; larger showers with multiple shower heads are becoming the norm. Buyers are practical and want to find practical ways to utilize space. Accessible showers with barrier-free entries are a trend that is becoming the norm. If you are looking for added safety and comfort, rain showers and corner benches are the way to go.

Quartz composites are becoming a popular choice for bathroom counters.  It is relatively low maintenance.  Granite remains a designer’s choice but many are choosing the quartz which is excellent for wet spaces. If you want to add rustic charm to the bathroom space, you might consider switching out your sink and bath faucets to something with a warmer finish. Commodes that light up and sense when you walk into the room are modern features in some newer homes and a lid that lifts up and plays music can be fun for any modern family. Updated bathrooms now have tiles on all walls; wonderful mood lighting and music and/or televisions built in for long soaks in the tub.

Popular colors for bathrooms in 2013 will be charcoal, chocolate, gray, and green. Green is symbolic of growth and renewal. Using it in the bathroom provides a prosperous perspective. Design inspiration from the 1920s art deco era is a favorite among homebuyers. From hand towels and floor mats to shower curtains and tissue boxes, the bathroom is one of the easiest places to incorporate color in the home.  In addition to this, paints are being manufactured to reduce the amount of volatile organic compounds which is the part of painting that challenges the air quality of new homes and remodeling.

Though people want to be environmentally conscious, they don’t want to sacrifice style or functionality either. More than ever, consumers want to make smarter water choices in order to maintain high environmental standards and save money. However, they are looking to do this without compromising their experience in the bath space. Anything eco-friendly is still a popular trend.

Baby boomers want to stay in their homes in longer so the design of the bathroom has to keep their future needs in mind. Safe bathrooms no longer have that sterile, hospital look. They have full body driers and decorative handrails. Accessibility is the new “buzzword” in new construction and remodeling.

Source: “5 Bathroom Remodeling Design Trends and Ideas for 2013.” – Buildipedia. Web. 31 Mar. 2013.

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