The Do’s and Dont’s of a Fresh Coat of Paint

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paintbrush bucket skySo you want to paint your house a different color. Yes, this one of the easiest ways to give your house a new look. There are just so many beautiful colors to choose from and when the perfect colors are selected in the right contrast, they can give your house a stunning look. We talked to some real estate experts and asked them some advice in this regard. Here is what we learned from them.

The Do’s

Consider vivid colors

A survey estimates that over 60% of homeowners worry that if unusual contrasts or too bright shades are chosen, their house will look ugly rather than beautiful. The experts we talked to advised otherwise. Most of them told us even with a unique and unusual contrast, a house can look stunning. So use a little more imagination, a little more creativity and opt for a color that is not neutral. Trust us, you will love the effect.

Analyze the exterior

Is there any color in your house that cannot change? For instance, the color of your brick or the shades in the roof shingles? No problem. Use a color scheme that blends well with all these shades.

Test a small area first

Before you paint the entire wall a bright red or orange, test a small portion of it first. If you like the look, only then proceed with painting the whole thing.

The Dont’s

Use the accents the wrong way

Yes, we know accents are trendy and can look incredible but only if you use them properly in just the right manner and contrast. Accents give you that wow look when you use them to highlight attractive features of your house. If they do not do this, and just draw attention to the not so incredible things, that will not help your purpose.

Ignore neighboring houses

Colors should be experimented with, but just make sure that the ones you choose do not clash with the shades on the houses next door. This will just give an ugly effect.

Disregard the surroundings

What sort of landscape has your house been set in? If woods form the background, you cannot use greens because they will not stand out. Make sure whichever colors you choose look good with the landscape as well.


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