The Guide to Last Minute Moving

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time1Relocating is not an easy thing to go through, and no matter how many times you switch homes, you will never find it easy to deal with. In theory, you should always have plenty of time to plan your move, reducing stress and anxiety considerably. In most cases, however, moving is done at the last minute.

Experts estimate it is best to plan moving at least four weeks in advance, to avoid unnecessary stress and take everything in stride. Nevertheless, if you find yourself needing to move at short notice, the following points can go a long way in keeping things in control.

Get Rid of Junk

One major advantage of a last minute move is the ruthlessness disposal of unnecessary thing. Since time is scarce, you will want to pack your valuables and essentials first. It is also important to sort things properly, since it will help you when the time comes to unpack all your stuff. Get rid of junk and stuff which you will no longer need in your new home. This will help you save time and spend less energy when packing at the last minute.

Compile Three Piles

The best way to organize all the stuff you want to pack for your move, is to compile them in three different piles. You can name the piles:

  • Stuff to Keep
  • Stuff to Donate
  • Stuff to throw out

Have a good idea about what things you will require in your next home and if you are having difficulty in listing everything, then it’s a good idea to get your family involved in the inventory process. You’ll save time, and chances are, be less likely to miss things.

Call for Backup

Last minute moves will always be hectic, but you can take a little pressure off your shoulders by calling for backup from family and friends. There are always a few helpful hands eager to help you whenever you need it. Call in some favors to help with packing or transport. If you think you have nobody to call for help, then you can always contact professional movers who will assemble and organize all your stuff in no time.

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