The Role a Tree Plays in Your Custom Home

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A recent study conducted by the National Association of REALTORS® found that many home buyers consider the amount of trees on a property as a major selling point. In fact, 18 percent of repeat buyers and 25 percent of new buyers said that being on a wooded lot—or one with numerous trees—was important to them.

Additionally, 23 percent of recent buyers reported that being near a tree-lined park or recreational facilities was a deciding factor in their decision to buy in a particular community. This means that even if your home isn’t flush with trees, if the neighborhood is, it can go a long way toward helping your home sell faster.

When it comes to trees, the benefits are numerous. Not only do they provide shade, they also look elegant and help set up a boundary of privacy. Plus, when fall arrives, the changing leaves offer a breathtaking view.

If you’re interested in building a custom home that sits on a lot with a plethora of trees, it’s crucial that you do your homework before signing any paperwork. Bringing in a professional to inspect the trees that sit on the property is a good way to ensure you know exactly what you’re getting. Sick trees can pose a real threat, especially when you consider the impact falling branches can have on both the property and your home. Keep in mind that tree cleanup and removal is typically an expensive proposition, so you’ll want to know well ahead of time whether you’re going to need to take care of any issues in the near future.

But for all the people who enjoy the presence of a lot of trees on their property, there are just as many who would rather not have to deal with an overabundance of trees. For some parts of the country, the fall season can create an ever-falling collection of leaves and the time and money spent on raking can be a hassle. In addition, those with pools might not appreciate the blocking of the sun, and if you want satellite TV, being surrounded by woods will make this option rather difficult.

With a greater percentage of prospective buyers desiring trees today, it’s one feature that should certainly be highlighted within any and all marketing materials.

For more information about the role trees play in the home-building process, contact our office today.

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