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The housing data coming in for 2013 is thus far quite positive, so selling your home may be more appealing than ever.  Smart marketing tactics are imperative, however. It is a given to “thin out” and eliminate clutter.  Clean up and do a makeover on the landscaping. Sellers are often encouraged to disguise the flaws of their home.  There are some instances, however, where the best approach is to turn quirky features into positives. Word choice is everything when it comes to marketing.  A unique-shaped family room with plenty of nooks for style and décor sounds much better than a saying the family room has unusual dimensions. Disclosure is important, however.

Many sellers are opting to use high-budget video tours for marketing. They use artistic pans and classical music. It is important to note, however, that often the home videos ring more true with perspective buyers.  Buyers do not feel as manipulated.

Today’s myriad of technologies offer a multitude of marketing tools.  It is not unusual to see a QR Code or a targeted URL on a “for sale” sign anymore. This allows a passerby to scan the code with a mobile device and visit the home’s online listing. If you can’t get that high-tech, provide a URL on the sign that brings a visitor directly to the home’s mobile-customized online listing, not just the home page of the listing’s brokerage.

It is never a bad idea to advertise financing terms. Media reports on the housing market have been focusing on tight underwriting standards and have discouraged potential buyers from even trying to purchase a home. As a result, it may be wise for a seller to advertise financing options to potential buyers. Many buyers do not think they have the required amount for a down payment. A Federal Housing Administration-insured mortgage only requires a 3.5 percent down payment.

Choose your realtor carefully.  Does your realtor have a proven sales record?  How are his/her recent sales? Are they full time or part time professionals?  A good agent is worth researching.

Timing is essential.  Most homes sell before September because buyers want to be in their homes prior to the start of the school year. The earlier in the year your house goes on the market, the better.

A short sale may be a good option.  Short sales refer to when a borrower sells a home for less than what the homeowner owes on a mortgage.  Policy changes regarding short sales have changed with regards to banks and investors so it is an easier transaction in 2013.  There are less restrictive guidelines on what a bank considers a hardship, so now lenders are more willing to approve short sales for homeowners who are still paying their mortgages. It is a good idea to locate a realtor who understands short sales.
If you have an old home, some potential buyers may be wary of hidden defects or deteriorating appliances. To squelch fears, offer a home warranty that includes air conditioning, water heater, and roof repairs.

Numbers for the housing market are encouraging so if you have been contemplating selling or purchasing a home, it is a good time to start researching your options.   Obtaining a mortgage is still possible and the interest rates are phenomenal.  If you are on the selling side, home prices have remained stable.  It is still possible to reap the benefits of your home selling.

Source: “13 Ways to Sell Your Home in 2013.” AOL Real Estate Web. 22 Jan. 2013.


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