Tips for Moving Appliances to a New Home

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After moving into a new or different house, many homeowners find they immediately encounter some problem with their appliances, whether it be the fridge, the stove or even the washer or dryer.

Chris Zeisler, professionally trained RepairGuru at offers the following tips to make the transition to a new home less painful on both yourself and your appliances.

1. Check the hookups in your new home – if you have a gas dryer, does the new home have a gas line and connector available? If not, don’t take any chances: hire a trained professional to install the gas line and connector for you. The same is true if you have an electric dryer: is there an adequate electrical outlet available in the laundry room? If not, hire an electrician to install an electrical outlet. Be sure to check for water lines for your icemaker and water dispenser as these may also be needed.

2. Before moving your fridge and/or freezer, remove all food; unplug it, and wipe out the shelves and storage compartments with warm, soapy water; then rinse and wipe it down completely and allow it to dry for about 24 hours. Then remove all of the interior shelves and accessories and put a can of coffee or a box of baking soda inside to eliminate the musty odor that develops when the door is closed for a period of time and tie the door shut with a “non-scratch” cord to keep it from popping open during transport.

3. Allow the fridge to sit at the new destination for about 24 hours before use. Once the fridge has been installed and the icemaker has been hooked up, dispose of the first few rounds of ice which may contain impurities from the new water line.

4. Watch for leaks in the water hoses as you disconnect appliances, especially washing machines and refrigerators. There may be some residual water in the lines as you disconnect. Be prepared to catch the water with a towel and/or bucket, so you don’t damage your floor.

5. Carefully plan how you will enter your new house with oversized appliances before your move. You may need to measure your appliances in advance to be sure they will fit through doorways.


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