Tips to Create a Welcoming Holiday Home

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The holiday season makes for a memorable time of year, providing the chance to visit with old friends and relatives you might not see often. Equipping yourself with the right tools early on can be the key to enjoying a stress-free hosting experience this season, while ensuring your guests’ visit is as comfortable as possible. Following these simple tips will help you create a welcoming home so you can spend more time doing the things you enjoy most.

* Create room. Guests staying at your home may bring a large suitcase or two, so make sure you’ve allocated appropriate storage space ahead of time. Set aside a few coat hangers just for them, as well as a small section in the closet or a dresser. Having a place to store personal belongings instead of living out of a suitcase will allow your guests to feel more at home and so they can use the holiday break to relax while spending time with you.

* Stock up and save. Holiday celebrations often equate to large meals and constant snacking, so make sure you head to the grocery store to stock up on all the essentials. A bigger fridge like the new “super capacity” four-door model from LG provides a better way to organize and store all those family and friend favorites. It has a “custom chill” drawer between the main refrigerator and freezer that can act as either extra refrigerator or soft freezer space – perfect for chilling bottles of wine, desserts, meat or seafood. This Energy Star certified refrigerator also includes a “door-in-door” feature which allows quick and easy access to gotta-have snacks in the interior compartment without opening the entire refrigerator, keeping family favorites front and center and conserving energy.

* Make it comfortable. It’s essential to keep your houseguests’ comfort in mind as you plan for their visit. Make up a double bed with four ample sleeping pillows, and two smaller, decorative pillows to prop their head up when reading. Providing both light and heavy blankets will ensure they’re well equipped no matter what the weather is outside. Also, stock up on toiletries to avoid late night runs for new toothbrushes and toothpaste. Incorporating small luxuries like a unique soap or special shampoo in the guest bathroom builds a nice, warmhearted feeling for guests.

* Invest in the right cleaning tools. Appliances with advanced cleaning technologies can be a great addition to your home so you can spend more time catching up with your guests, and less time doing chores. For instance, LG’s new EasyClean technology allows for a seamless oven cleaning process, cutting cleaning time from hours to minutes, so you have more time to spend cooking the holiday meal. Investing in an Energy Star certified washer with TurboWash technology that can handle cleaning larger loads more efficiently assures convenience before and after your guests’ stay at your home, as washers with this innovation may save users up to 30 minutes per load of laundry. More basic tools, like a sweeper with disposable cloths, are beneficial in quickly picking up crumbs and dust around the floor of your home.

* Assemble the sitting area. A little preparation can add the upmost convenience to your guests’ stay from the moment they roll out of bed each morning all the way until bedtime, so make sure the main living room has enough room for everyone to comfortably enjoy each others’ company. If space allows, set up an additional chair or two and a good, adjustable lamp. Creating a small library in the living room, inclusive of magazines and daily newspapers, is an ideal way to occupy your guests during the down time of their stay. You may also consider setting up a speaker system to play music, so guests are always entertained – even when you’re busy cooking the holiday feast.

The holidays are a special time of year and provide a chance to connect with loved ones you may not otherwise see. Preparing your home using the right techniques can not only maximize the time you spend with your guests, but help enhance your home in the process. To learn more about how new appliances can save you energy, time and money throughout the holiday season and all year long, visit

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