Tips to Make Your Custom Home Secure

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Heading out for a late summer getaway? Don’t let a summer burglary ruin your homecoming.

According to Lifehacker blogger Melanie Pinola, most burglaries occur between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., with August being highest for burglary rates in the U.S. So here ‘s a few points to keep in mind if you’re planning a late summer getaway.

  • The typical house burglar is a male teen in your neighborhood — not a professional thief.
  • About 60 seconds is the most burglars want to spend breaking into your home. This suggests you only need enough security to thwart a regular person, not a professional.
  • In order of percent of burglaries, thieves come in through: the front door, first-floor windows, and back door primarily, followed by the garage, unlocked entrances, and the basement.
  • An average of 8 to 12 minutes is all the time a professional burglar typically spends in a home. If a thief does get into your house, you can prevent loss of your valuable objects by making them harder to find than within those 12 minutes.
  • While traveling, set up a red herring for possible thieves: Leave out an old laptop the thief can quickly grab and go. Even better: install Prey to track the stolen laptop.

Another site, added this list of 5 burglar deterrents that DON’T work:

  1. Posting Company Alarm Signs can give burglars information about your alarm company that can be used to bypass your system.
  2. Professional thieves (and even experienced amateurs) know that most people store their valuables in the bedroom. Instead, distribute your valuables over several hiding holes.
  3. Leaving the lights on constantly is like a beacon to burglars. Instead, install timers that will flip your lights on and off throughout the course of the day and evening.
  4. Suspending Mail Delivery – Career burglars stake out your home to learn habits. So, if the mail carrier or newspaper delivery starts bypassing your home – it’s a clear sign that you’re out of town.
  5. Getting a Big Dog – Big dogs may look scary, but a smaller dog with a loud bark can be a better deterrent.

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