Tips to Organize Your House this Spring

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organize home closetSpring is here; the season that is all about being fresh and green. We love spring so much, and we think that it is the best time of the year to get organized. Once you are done with your spring cleaning, you can organize your things.

We talked to a couple of home designers and here is what they advised when it comes to organizing your home:

Got an office in your home?

In today’s world, home offices are so common. While they do make it easier to work from home, their appearance is far from great; all those wires and electronics make a mess. How do you conceal all of this and keep it tidy? Fairly simple, just hide them behind an unusable book or a decorative box and cover up the wires with it. As for the clutter on your desk, get some files and tuck away all those papers and purchase some nifty desktop organizers for all those pens and paper clips.

Organize the bathroom

A quick and easy tip is to fix a shelf on the wall for extra storage space. You can place cotton balls and swabs into mason jars to get them out of the big boxes that take up so much space.

Add some innovation to your entryway tables

Is your entryway table a mess? This sets off a first impression to all your visitors. Clear it of the mess and leave the space for some decorative elements. You could go for delicate crystal bowls, a vase or anything else that you like. Got a little extra money in the budget? Hang up art on the wall, behind the entryway table for an even warmer welcome.

De-clutter the craft room

This is one room we could spend hours in but it’s also the room that gets left to last on the cleaning list. Buy a craft caddy and store away all your crafting tools in it. They will still be at your fingertips, and your craft room will always appear neat.

Open space kitchen? Tidy it up

Are all your utensils always spread out on the counter? Maybe you need more space. Get a peg board and hang all your peelers, spatulas and other tools.  As for the pans – hang them from the ceiling or hooks on the wall. As for your grandma’s vintage bowl, display it on a shelf in the den for decorative purposes.


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