Use these Tips to Make Your Home Smarter

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lightbulbSmart homes, intelligent homes, automated homes; you must have heard these terms. A smart home is a property which is fully automated and designed to make your lives easier for you. These homes are already on the market, but have yet to be launched on a public scale. Until then, how can you make your home smarter? You definitely need to be tech savvy, and also have a significant amount of money to spend. With all this, you can buy the following listed to make your home smarter and automated.

Signal Booster

A smart home is controlled by a central unit, which is often interfaced with your Smartphone. For the system to work properly, you need strong signals, which is why you require a signal booster or an amplifier. This device will catch signals from the closest tower and amplify them by 10 times.

The average price of a signal booster is between $500 and $1,000.

Home Management System

Smart devices may not be compatible with each other, but if you have a home management system in place, you can integrate all these devices.  Most of the available systems currently in the market focus on security features and keeping away thieves and unwanted intruders. Some of these are also integrated with smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors, infrared cameras and the like.

There are still some exceptions in the market and some of the developers have set themselves apart. They offer home management systems which run through an app on your Smartphone. These systems are integrated with thermostats and you can set temperatures even if you are away from home. A few others also allow you to lock all windows and doors, and some provide you with real-time video of specific locations of your house.

Generally, you have to pay a monthly fee for home management system, which can be as little as $10 per month or as much a $300 per month.

Keyless Doors

A keyless door operates on Bluetooth and will let you lock the door if you are an authorized user. You have to place your finger over the deadbolt and if the print matches, the door is locked. The door can also be opened with a digital code or an electronic key, which you can share with others. Should any of them unlock the door, you will be notified.

A keyless door costs around $200.


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